Awards And Achievements

FYKAYS has been the FIRST IN INDIA or the PIONEER in several respects.
Some of the more important achievements are:
  • 1Internationally accepted miniature type expendable thermocouples.
  • 1Reusable Fondtips to provide low cost probes to small and medium foundries
  • 2High temperature (Type B) thermocouples especially for LD converters (BOF units)
  • 3Thermal analysis cups for Steels & Irons as well as non-ferrous alloys.
  • 4Scientific sampling devices with multiple options.
  • 5IZOP Oxygen probes for combustion and furnace atmosphere control
  • 6High vacuum and high temperature thermocouples for sintering applications.
  • 7Battery operated portable temperature instrument for molten metal metallurgy.
  • 8Battery operated Calibration and testing unit.
  • 9Carbon potential monitors and controllers for Heat treatment industry.
  • 10Online flue gas analyzers and controllers for combustion control and fuel economy.
  • 11Computerized group control systems for multi-station operations.
  • 12BOMB probes for measurement of temperature and Active Oxygen in BOF units.
  • 13Automatic Capstan (turnstile) for dropping such BOMB probes.