Rapid Calibrating Device or Instameter


Rapid Calibrating device (Instameter) is designed and built to serve a dual purpose; that of a continuity tester and a milli Volt calibrator. On plugging theRapid Calibrating device (Instameter) with the selector in the 'OFF' position, the entire circuit continuity is indicated. Once this has been established the sector is positioned at T1, T2, T3, or T4.

The corresponding calibrated milli volts are fed into the instrument, whereupon corrective calibration can be carried out. The most versatile feature of this unit is that the signal is injected through the compensating cables, connectors etc. thus, there is full compensation for all possible errors, arising due to the cables etc., themselves.

nstruments, thus calibrated with the help of Rapid Calibrating device (Instameter), reproduce the thermocouple signal with 100% exactitude.

Instameter is self-contained and is powered by a commonly available 9v battery thereby obviating the limitations of external power supply.
Variety type
  • For carbon equivalent meters 'CC' or 'CS'
  • For immersion pyrometry systems 'T-10', 'T-13', 'T18'
  • For oxygen in steel system '0'

Instameter is a portable handy instrument designed and manufactured by Fykays combining several long sought after features that instrument engineers and technicians desire to have in a rapid & easy checking and calibrating device for use on the shop floor.

Instameter is provided with built in automatic cold junction compensation for effective ambient correction over a range of 0°C to +50°C; with accuracy better than +\-0.1°C/1°C. Calibrations available: IPTS 68, DIN, NBS, BS, AFNOR etc.