Zirconia Oxygen Probes


For monitoring & controlling Oxygen activity in unknown atmospheres ( 100% to sub ppm levels ) Zirconia ( ZrO2 ) is unparalleled in terms of durability & reliability.

FYKAYS offer two distinct types of IN-SITU PROBES
  • Reaction Bonded: (RB) unsheathed probes
  • Fusion bonded: (FB) sheathed probes
Reaction bonded probes, which can be used without external sheathing and the associated assembly and maintenance problems make use of a patented process in which a ZrO2 thimble or pellet is bonded onto an Al2O3 tube by reaction through a platinum washer.Fusion bonded sensors on the other hand use sintered ZrO2 pellet cemented and fused to the Alumina tube.
Wider Applications
Length of Probes
Standard lengths available are 150, 300, 600, 900, 100, 1200 and 1500 mm. Longer lengths up to 2500 mm available on special request.
Thermocouple Specifications:
For RB sensors the thermocouples are normally type 'R' or 'S' (Pt.Pt.Rh 13 % or Pt.Pt.Rh 10 %) For FB sensors the choice is extended to 'K' type (chromel-alumel), for lower temperature applications.

For extra high temperatures probes are supplied with 'B' type (Pt.Rh 6% - Pt.Rh 30 %) thermocouples (RB sensors only)
  • Temperature Limits
  • FB sensors upto 1400°C
  • RB sensors upto 1800°C
  • Energy Conservation
  • Boilers of any / all types
  • Rotary Kilns
  • Reheating / heating furnaces
  • Tunnel Kilns
  • Heat Treatment furnaces
End use
Power plants, Cement, Sugar, Paper, Textile, Steel, Chemicals, Petro-chemical, Fertilizers, Ceramic and other industries