Molten Metal Temperature Measurement System

Fykays' Molten Metal Temperature System (MMTS) combine sophisticated electronic design with down-to-earth practical needs of the metallurgist, resulting in a state-of-art, versatile, rugged, reliable electronic system. High standards of technology in software and high quality of hardware design, close tolerance components have resulted in an equipment, which can be modestly described as a users dream.

FYKAYS MMTS has been developed as a result of years of experience & understanding of industry's temperature measurement needs & issues like excessive skull formation, unnecessary super heats, running stopper rods, hot spots, high energy costs / ton of material produced. With over 10,000 installations across the country & abroad over the past 40 years, the FYKAYS MMTS has proved itself to be a rugged low maintenance work horse capable of consistently delivering accurate results year after year
Fykays offer a wide range to select from:
  • Panel mounted, Microprocessor based, rugged, mains operated unit.
  • Panel mounted Micro Computer based unit offers sophistication to meet any / all needs.
  • Multi Station Queuing system offers the ultimate range in large steel melt shops with several measuring stations.
  • Portable rechargeable battery operated unit
  • Panel Mounted Microprocessor
  • Panel mounted microcomputer based unit
  • Multi-station queuing
  • Audio-Visual Signal System