Automated control of Temperature Oxygen and Pressure

Fykays TOPS – PLC/ SCADA based system for Reduced Fuel Consumption and Scale Formation.
  • Reduces scale loss by as much as 1.5%.
  • Reduces fuel consumption by as much as 50%
  • Works with all kinds of fuel - liquid (FO, Diesel, LSHS, etc) solid (pulverise coal, coal gasifier) and gas (CNG, PNG, LPG)
  • Works with all kinds of furnaces: Pusher, Walking beam, Rotary hearth, Soaking pits, Bogie hearth, Pit type - you name it, we've done it!
  • Proven solution: installed in various forms at over 100 locations across the country.
  • Controls all the 3 aspects of combustion control namely - Temperature, Oxygen and Pressure.
  • SCADA / PLC based solutions - and can be integrated into existing SCADA / PLC Systems
  • Includes meaningful reporting with production planning functionality
  • Ability to control heat and air - Zone wise and per grade and size of feed material.
  • Robust system architecture - lasts for years without issues.
  • Requires minimal maintenance.
  • Usually has a payback period of less than 45 days.