Mineral Insulated Thermocouples and Accessories – Fykays MI Couple


It is the Micouple Bow to the Industry's demand/Desire for Quality, Economy and Safety. Mi Couple is supple, Durable and Accurate to the Core. It is designed to be a part of the heating structure. In that process it stands BEATINGS in the bends and TWISTINGS in the walls so that it can keep in touch with the superhot materials and transmit the process temperatures Days in and Years out. Mi Couple represents a wide range of permanent thermocouples to be useful to many industries. Mi Couple is produced by: Fykays Engineering Pvt. Ltd. leaders in Advanced Pyrometry.

On the top, at the bottom and the walla throughout the arduous path to the control apparatus. Fykays Mi Couple and Mi cab combination of Thermocouple technology is developed for superfast and accurate temperature measurement of vital spots considered inaccessible so far, as the high temperatures and hitherto undiscovered materials of construction precluded precise probeing. It now facilitates rigid quality control denied thus far to the quality conscious decision makers. While helping to improve quality Fykays Mi Couple enables closer control on fuel costs. Its contribution to industrial safety is a very important consideration in its favour.

Fykays Mi Couple is embedded at the critical process points to catch the process temperature and transmit the signal to the control apparatus through Mi Cab. It thus simplifies and hastens decision making for Quality, Economy and Safety. Whereas Mi Couple describes the Mineral insulated thermocouples, Mi Cab describes the Mineral insulated cables that truthfully complement the relay function of Mi Couple through a little less hostile environment.

Mi Cab is the most reliable complement to Mi Couple because it shares its superfast signal transmission efficiency and resistance to the varying temperature zones of the traversing regions and also to static interferences through its exposed path. Mi Couple is made available in many versions, to serve varied industries such as Nuclear, Aircraft, special steels, Ferro-Alloys and their like attract the costlier versions; less exacting conditions in Dairies, Power stations, Pharmaceuticals may opt for the economic variety suited to their respective plants & processes.

Depending on the specifications of each Industrial Process or Product Fykays offer a wide choice for Mi Couple - Mi Cab choices.