Thermoxytip Sensor

THERMOXYTIP contains a well-established solid electrolyte and a solid-state reference material encapsulated there in to form the Oxygen sensor in a modular form. This sensor together with the Oxygen activity in the steels form a millivolt cell and generates an e.m.f. proportional to the amount of dissolved Oxygen in the molten steel bath.

A high melting point virgin metal rod forms the bath electrode making contact with the molten metal thus completing the electric circuit. The well-known THERMOTIP brand Disposable Thermocouple forms the companion bath temperature sensor.
Multivarious uses of THERMOXYTIP
The carbon content in steel can be estimated under certain circumstances. When the Carbon and the Oxygen reaction has reached an equilibrium this may be expressed by the relation:
M=(% C) (%O) = 0.0022.
Thus with an indicated oOxygen content of say 300 ppm, the Carbon content can be estimated to be 0.073 %. Since Silicon and Oxygen diffuse very rapidly at liquid steel temperature, the equilibrium of the reaction
Si + 2 O = SiO2
is achieved very quickly and % Si can be estimated by the equation.
Log % Si = 20,
166 E/T - 12530/T + 2.78.
Where E = Oxy probe output volts T = Temperature in Degrees Kelvin. In case of low Carbon Aluminum killed Argon stirred steels (LCAK), the residual Aluminum can also be determined.