Process Control Thermocouples and Accessories

FYKAYS offers a very wide choice of thermocouples and accessories for industrial application. Carefully chosen components including premium grade thermocouple wires and other quality raw materials and special "made to specs" designs, ensure close accuracies, fast response, long deterioration-free service and other such high 'benefits to cost' advantages to users.
  1. Sheathed
  2. Bare
  3. Button type
  4. Bow type
  5. Needle type
  6. Roller type
  7. Flexible bow type
Choice of Thermocouple
  1. Copper-Constantan
  2. Iron-Constantan
  3. Chromel-Alumel
  4. Platinum-Platinum Rhodium 10%
  5. Platinum-Platinum Rhodium 13%
  6. Platinum Rhodium 6%
  7. Platinum Rhodium 30%
  8. Tungsten- Tungsten Rhenium 26%
  9. Tungsten 5% - Tungsten 26%
Choice of sheath material
  1. Mullite
  2. Silliminite
  3. Recryst. Alumina Fused Silica
  4. Berylia
  5. Graphite, etc.
  6. Fused Silica
Carbon Metal : SS 304, SS 316, SS410
Hastelloy, A,B, C or X, Monel, Tantalum, Iniconel, Incalloy Mollybdenum, etc.
Choice of construction
Simplex / Duplex, Straight, Right angle, 45 degree angle, Adjustable flange
Hot Junction: Exposed Junction, Covered Grounded or Ungrounded Junction
Unless specified all our thermocouples are as per IPTS-68. Other calibrations can be made on request.
Normal : +/- 3/8 % of the read value
Special : +/- 1 C in specified range of operation
Certification : Special certification at specific reference points can be provided at extra cost.
Accessories for thermocouples
Manufactured our of forged bar stock or fabricated out of selected materials these form protective barriers between the thermocouples and the media whose temperature is desired-especially for high pressure, high vacuum, corrosive and erosive applications. Choice of screwed and flanged connections or combinations of both are available.
Thermocouple R.T.D.'s Accessories
Straight PT 100: Connectors:
Right Angled - 2 Wire Bipolar
Explosion proof - 3 Wire Multipolar
High Vacuum - 4 Wire
High Temperature Flat - wafer Cables
High Pressure Epoxy Encapsulated Mineral Insulated
Bow Thermowells Rubber/PVC/PTFE
Roller Forged Bar stock
Needle Fabricated HRPVC Insulated
Mineral Insulated 1 B.R./Mining Applns. 2 Core, multicore