Flue Gas Analyzer and Controller - Fykays OxyComp G-I & G-II

Scale losses and increased fuel consumption are caused mainly due to too much excess air in the furnace due to incorrect air:fuel ratio, causing the excess oxygen to oxidize the job in the re-heating furnace as also sensible heat being carried away from the furnace requiring more fuel to be pumped in.


The OXYCOMP - G works on the well–proven Zirconia sensor principle which enables detection of Oxygen in the furnace from PPM level to 100%.

The OXYCOMP-G has been specifically developed to monitor the amount of excess oxygen in the re-heating furnace gases. Once this is known, the user can control the Excess air either manually (OxyComp G-I) or automatically (OxyComp G – II).

The basic components of Fykays OXYCOMP-G system are as follows:

  • Oxygen Probe: The Zirconia Oxygen probe which senses the Oxygen in the furnace atmosphere
  • Probe heating Furnace + Controller: A small auxiliary furnace which is installed on the side wall of the re-heating furnace in which the Oxygen probe is installed. This furnace temperature is controlled with the help of a PID controller.
  • The Oxygen Analyzer
  • The reference air system
  • The electronic purging apparatus
  • The remote display: The signaling panel with Hi/Lo alarm

Recognizing the industry requirement for automated control & reliability we have developed the OXYCOMP G-II. Essentially, it is built around the well proven Zirconia technique and enables precise detection and control of Oxygen over a wide range.

In addition, this version of OXYCOMP G-II utilizes an equally well proven technology namely the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to regulate the speed of the main air blower so as to reduce the air intake into the furnace which in turn controls the excess free Oxygen ( Air )