Furnace Temperature Control System

Often the temperature measurement in a rolling mill furnace is ignored. So long as the billets don't come out of the furnace too cold, the fireman is usually not too concerned about the temperature inside the furnace. This often causes unnecessary super heating of the billets, leading to higher energy consumption.

The Fykays Furnace Temperature Control System is an automated System works to keep the furnace temperature within a particular range so as to keep energy costs and other losses in control.

Temperature monitoring and control by sensing soaking zone temperature and regulating the air and fuel control valves by means of a PID controller, which can be either pneumatically or electrically actuated. The air : fuel ratio is built into the controller software. One of the noteworthy features of the temperature loop is the special facility provided for manual intervention – on occurrence of a mill breakdown, the furnace temperature can be turned down to pre-determined levels simply at the click of a button.