Oxygen In Molten Metal Measurement System

FYKAYS' OXYCOMP-D® is a versatile, microprocessor based, extremely fast instrument designed for rapid determination of active Oxygen in molten steels and alloy steels as well as Copper alloys.

The instrument derives its twin signals of Oxygen cell voltage and bath temperature from two-in-one probe - THERMOXYTIP®, instantly calculates and presents a DIRECT Digital display. By virtue of fast sampling techniques (less than 200 mS), unique Plateau detection method, latching and storing of data, the OXYCOMP-D® retains the transient output signals from the expendable probe (Max 6-8 secs) and calculates the Oxygen content in the molten metal.
Technical Features
The instrument architecture is built around a versatile microprocessor. Dual 4 ½ digit A/D converters convert the thermocouple and oxy cell mV signals in less than 200 mS. The detection of the steady values is achieved by unique "plateau detection" method. The RAM stored values are fed on to the CPU, which calculates and displays the results on bright, 25 mm, seven segment LED's.The various equations are stored in battery backed ROMs. In order to facilitate proper operating, the system has built-in audio-visual signaling system, which generates functional signals such as READY, MEASUREMENT- IN – PROGRESS, OVER, ERROR.

The signaling system consists of signal lamps and a piezo electric hooter on the instrument panel with auxiliary relays to trigger field mounted lamps and the hooter.