A Breath of Fresh Air Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Fykays have developed the following models of “A Breath of Fresh Air” portable Oxygen Concentrators:
  • Oxy - C3005 - 95% +-3% Pure O2 flow rate 5 LPM (recommended for use by persons who are diagnosed with COVID 19 – who have Oxygen saturation below 95% but above 85% OR by convalescing patients who are discharged from hospital – but still have a reduced O2 Saturation.).
  • Oxy-C3306 - 95% +-3% Pure O2 flow rate 10 LPM ( same as above – but patient recommended by Doctor to have a higher intake of O2)
  • Oxy-C3505 - 99% +-3% Pure O2 Flow rate 10 LPM (Suitable for the entire spectrum of patients but most particularly suited for Ambulances / patients in critical care)

All the above models may also be used (on Doctors’ orders for those with respiratory illnesses, Aged Seniors with compromised Lung Function and asthmatics.)

Please note: We are not Doctors – we are Engineers. Consult your Doctor before you use this or ANY medical equipment.

System Features
  • Mounted on wheels – easy to mover from room to room
  • Has a handle for easy manoeuvring
  • Can have Battery back up (additional cost)
  • Produces steady supply of 93%+- 3% (or if required – 99%)
  • Comes with spare air filter
  • Low noise
  • Audio Visual Alarm system
  • Sleek Design
  • Designed, developed and Manufactured by INDIAN Engineers